In the world of wedding invites and signage, we couldn’t help but wondeR…
Why do couples have to choose between intentionally vanilla or wandering deliriously through craft stores?

Due to our inherent creativity and our neverending need for an artistic outlet — we said             

And we’ve been saying     yes.  to couples like you ever since!

emily corcoran & virginia chamberlin
corcoran & chamberlin
corcoran & chamberlin
Cork and Chambers represents a little bit of our past and a whole lot of our future.

We know joining your life with someone else’s is a big deal. We’re both lucky enough to have found our people too and with that we chose to give up our maiden names. But just like art, those names are a part of our hearts forever and solidified in our brand. Ultimately, this isn’t our job, this is our DREAM — and we’re grateful you’re a part of it.


Cannot function without a creative outlet

LoveS phone calls since her face can’t help but give away all her feelings.

Thrives in the abstract

Calming neutrals, please

Clean curated desk = sanity

Lettering, layout, and calligraphy


As an art teacher, art is her entire life.

Endless patience from a decade of middle schooler interactions.

Realism is her sweet spot

Color, color, and more color

Desk serves as a messy workshop

Watercolor and hand drawn artwork


Thinking, never judging

Always passing sketches back and forth

Love for beautiful things expands to their homes and lives

Sleepless nights and design call giddiness are unavoidable

Cherishing the little moments throughout your day, just like you

Happy to be here doing what we love for people in love.